WFPB? Vegan? + Health Update

Hello Friends!

Guess what? I’m VEGAN!

How did this come to pass? Well, just keep reading to find out.


I have been vegetarian…or, I suppose pescetarian would be a more accurate term (I occasionally ate fish), for about a year now. When I first took meat out of my diet, my body responded incredibly well. My hormones started to balance out. I had more energy. My skin was better. I had less uterine and ovarian pain. Things were going really well.

Then, suddenly, toward the beginning of this summer, I started to feel stagnant. I have had more ovarian and uterine pain. I have felt more bloated, and my digestion has been off. I have had more issues with my cycles…and I have felt fatigued and exhausted the majority of the time. {Some of you  may be thinking, “You probably feel tired because you’re not eating any meat.” Well, I can assure you that is not the case. In fact, long before I gave up eating meat, consuming meat in even moderate portions actually left me feeling lethargic. Also, I’m always cognizant of my protein and iron intake.} Many people fail to realize that fatigue is one of the most prominent symptoms of PCOS. So, when my PCOS isn’t fully under control, the horrible fatigue and lethargy take over. PCOS is so much more than just, “lady problems,” or “period issues.” It’s a disorder that impacts nearly every aspect of your health and life.

A few weeks back, I basically started feeling “sick of being sick.” I realized that what had been working was no longer working. I needed to do some digging and try to figure out what the issue was.

When examining my diet from around January until recently, I can identify a pattern. My consumption of dairy, and, to an even greater extent, my consumption of eggs went up exponentially. I may have been a vegetarian, but my diet was ridiculously heavy in animal products. Historically, dairy has never been a big part of my diet. My Mom discovered I was lactose intolerant at a young age, so, growing up, I usually had rice or soy milk products. (Tofutti Cuties for the win!!!!) I had some dairy, but never a lot. However, once meat had been out of my diet for a few months, that changed. It wasn’t a conscious choice, but looking back, I can see I was putting cheese on just about everything I could. With eggs, this situation was even more extreme. There were some days where I would end up eating 5 eggs (and that’s without taking into account any eggs I consumed via my healthy cookies or muffins).

After examining my diet, heavily considering the way my body has reacted to certain foods in the past, researching like crazy, watching movies (*cough cough* What the Health *cough cough*) and, in all seriousness, praying, I feel like a vegan diet, specifically a whole food plant based diet (WFPB), will help me deal with my PCOS and general health in a more effective way.  {I should also note that I have just begun a new supplement regime specifically to target my PCOS, my MTHFR gene mutation, and my kidney health.} And from a Christian perspective, I also love the life preserving and good stewardship aspects of veganism. I’m really looking forward to being innovative and creative with new recipes and seeing how my health progresses.

So, as of a few days ago, I’m vegan!

Stay tuned for more health updates, lots of vegan recipes, and all sorts of shenanigans.

Now, I want to hear from you! Are you vegan? Have you ever been? What are your thoughts on veganism? And, to my PCOS cysters, how have you been using diet to manage your symptoms? Comment down below or connect with me on social media to let me know.

Stay Crunchy!


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