Sjaak’s {Healthy Halloween Haul #5}

White chocolate skulls? Melk Chocolate? We must be talking about Sjaak’s!

Sjaak’s is a vegan/all natural chocolate and confectionary company based out of Petaluma (NorCal represent!!!) that sent me some treats to review. 

I received some of their filled chocolate bars, a white chocolate skull, and some Eli’s earth bars. 

The melk chocolate smells milky, and maintains a creamy texture. The dairy milk is *not* missed. These bars use rice milk as a base, which adds an extra dimension of flavor. The chocolate has a great snap, and a mouthfeel quite reminiscent of a traditional chocolate bar. The peanut butter filled bar was my personal favorite! Two thumbs up! 

The Eli’s earth bars were tasty, but they didn’t “wow,” me like the filled bars. There was nothing bad about them. They were good quality vegan chocolate bars, but, in my opinion, they didn’t have the same special quality the bars did.

The white chocolate skull was *AMAZING* It was creamy and not overly sweet. It used a rice milk base, and was sweetened primarily with brown rice syrup. Truly, a home run! This was the only thing (out of the entire Healthy Halloween Haul Series) that I didn’t share with my family. I’m greedy for good white chocolate hahaha

Head over to their website & order some for yourself ( ) If you live in Northern California…take a day trip to beautiful Petaluma, hit up the best farmer’s market around, and pop in to Sjaak’s storefront. 

Have you tried Sjaak’s? What’s your favorite vegan chocolate? Let me know in the comments below or connect with me on Instagram: @girlgonecrunchy

Stay Crunchy!


*I received these products free of charge in exchange for my honest review. I was not compensated monetarily* 


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