Is the Deck Stacked Against Us?

I played monopoly at my university this afternoon…

“Community Health Monopoly,” was a teaching aid used to parallel life’s trials….to showcase issues such as privelage, the health & wealth gap, and social classification. 

Some players started off the game with debt, no insurance, and low paying jobs (realistic, right?). Others started off with excellent insurance, high paying jobs, good educations, and monetary wealth. My “character” represented the middle class:

This game opened up a great conversation about what it means to be healthy and happy, how a person can become those things, and if there are some people who truly just don’t stand a chance. 

When you have PCOS, it’s easy to get depressed and feel like you have no chance of “winning.” SNAP OUT OF IT!!!!! Yes, the deck may be stacked against you, but with the right tools, you DO stand a chance! You DO have a bright future. You CAN be healthy and happy. PCOS is an obstacle…but not an impossible one! 

Stay Crunchy

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