Roo Bar {Review}

You may not know this about me, but I am a xenophile. I spend a lot of my free time learning and absorbing whatever I can about different cultures, customs, and languages. My cellphone ring tone is the Rick Steves theme song…#nuffsaid

How does this relate to Roo Bars? Well…Roo Bar is actually a Bulgarian company, which I think is beyond cool. I have been in contact with Vladimir from Roo Bar for over a year, waiting for Roo Bars to be available in the U.S.A. The day finally came, and I was sent Roo Bars galore ❤️ Head over to Sign up for their email list to be sent updates on their online store and in store locations. 

I was sent RooBars in the flavors Maca and Cranberry, Cacao Nib, Chia and Coconut, Goji Berry, and GoldenBerry. 

Check out Roo Bar’s Adorable Logo! I’m a sucker for good logos and packaging: 

RooBars are completely raw, vegan, gluten free, soy free,  and contain NO ADDED SUGAR! 

RooBars are thin and chewy, but most of the flavors have an added textural element such as cacao nibs, chia seeds, cranberries etc…

Dates are the base for all the bars, but when paired with nuts and seeds, the glycemic index is no longer exponential. 

Something that sets RooBars a part from other protein or energy bars is the taste. The addition of things like lemon oil, coconut, and dried fruit elevate the nuts and dates. 
My personal favorite flavor was Cacao Nib…it tasted like a dessert to me. A close second was Goji Berry ❤️ I thoroughly enjoyed all of them, though. My only comment would be that the Chia Coconut has a VERY STRONG coconut flavor. If you don’t enjoy coconut or just find it “okay,” that flavor is definitely not for you. 

Big Big Thanks to Vladimir and the Roo Bar team!

Follow @roobar_raw on Instagram…and, hey, while you’re at it, follow me too @girlgonecrunchy 👍🏻

Stay Crunchy

PS: to any other brands that would like me to review their products….TAKE NOTE! My favorite thing in the world is when companies send me stickers 


*I was sent these products free of charge in exchange for my honest review*



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