YEBO! {Review}

YEBO bars! Take some coffee fruit…add some real fruit…add some nuts…and BAM! You’ve got yourself a YEBO bar. Thinner and chewier than a LaraBar, a YEBO is a perfect grab n go snack.

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Blueberry Walnut, my personal favorite, is reminiscent of a blueberry muffin, while Apple Walnut has more of an apple pie flavor profile. Coconut Cashew has a warm, caramelized flavor and a signature coconut kick.

The coffee fruit adds a richness, a boost of energy, and a fun twist to the traditional fruit and nut bar 🙂

YEBO is a company that focuses time, energy, and money into giving back. 5% of all profits are donated to the security and sustainability of coffee farmers.

Thank you so much to the lovely people at YEBO for sending me these bars to try 🙂

Find YEBO on Twitter and Instagram @yebobars

Stay Crunchy!



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