You Stuck WHAT…WHERE? {My Acupuncture Experience}

**DISCLAIMER: Y’all know I’m NOT a doctor! This is not professional advice. These are my personal experiences….so don’t get crazy!**

I had needles placed in my face, abdomen, arms, legs, hands, and feet. And I PAID to have it done. But that’s acupuncture for you, folks.

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese practice, dating back before the birth of Christ. It involves inserting thin needles in specific points of the body to control various channels of internal energy (not weird spiritual junk…kinetic energy, blood, heat, etc…)

So what actually goes down in an acupuncture session?

Prior to your first appointment, the acupuncturist, who, in my case, is also an ND, will gather as much of your health history as they possibly can. They should also spend time discussing what specific outcomes you are trying to reach through acupuncture.

During a typical appoinmtent, my doctor will inquire about my health and well being that week. She’ll proceed to check my pulse, kidney pulse, and my tongue…yes, my tongue…the only muscle visible outside the body.

I’ll lie down on a heated massage therapy type table while my doctor maps out where each of the needles will go.

Once decided, she will begin inserting the needles. Now, this next part is crucial…THE NEEDLES ARE MINISCULE. Depending on the spot, I might not even feel them going in. When I do feel it, it’s a small pinch for half of a second. We’re talking less pain than a shot.

When all the needles are in, I’m left alone in a dim room with a heating pad and a white noise machine. It’s an incredibly peaceful half hour.

When time is up, the needles are taken out, which I can never feel, and then I’m on my way.

I have had a total of six treatments, and I feel fantastic!

I am taking no allergy medication!

My energy has increased!

I’m sleeping better!

My acne has improved significantly!

And here’s the doozy…. (Male Readers Avert your Eyes)

I had two menstrual periods, IN A ROW!!!!!!!! And that hasn’t happened in over two years.

Acupuncture has done wonders for my health in a mere 6 weeks. I cannot wait to continue on this journey. If you are struggling with any sort of health issues, I highly recommend speaking with your primary care provider or a licensed acupuncturist about your options.

Have you ever received an acupuncture treatment? What were your experiences? Let me know in the comments below or connect with me on Instagram/Twitter @girlgonecrunchy




One thought on “You Stuck WHAT…WHERE? {My Acupuncture Experience}

  1. Acupuncture scares me. No wait…needles SCARE ME!!!! :O I’ve heard of acupuncture before and I know of its health benefits, but it scares me way too much to try it!

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