Sunwarrior Fit Babes!

I am proud to announce that I am now a proud Sunwarrior Fit Babe! That’s a term I coined myself for female lovers of SunWarrior proteins and health powders. 

Before anything else, can I just say that I am OBSESSED with the Sunwarrior blender bottle. It’s sleek, efficient, and makes me feel healthy just toting it around. 

And the protein powder? THE BEST I’VE EVER USED! It’s not grainy! It doesn’t have an overpowering aftertaste!

I am a very strong opposer of whey, so the fact that Sunwarrior protein powders are 100% vegan puts my mind at ease.

All of their protein powders are sweetened with stevia! ZERO artificial sweeteners for SunWarrior Fit Babes. 

The classic protein powders come in natural, chocolate, and vanilla, and are derived from brown rice. They’re creamy, subtle, and sweet. This is the first protein powder that I enjoyed in both vanilla AND chocolate…typically, I find vanilla protein powders nauseating and unpalatable. 

Yellow peas, hemp, goji, and coconut are main components in the “Warrior Blends,” which are slightly nuttier tasting than the classic variety, and packed with a good deal more vitamins and minerals. I would definitely recommend the Warrior Blends, because if you’re going to go…why not go ALL IN?!?!

SunWarrior is an ethical company that truly believes in their mission of elevating humanity through health. 

Go to to buy online or find a store near you. 

Do yourself a favor and switch to SunWarrior, you won’t regret it. 

Which protein powder are you using? 

Would you be interested in reading an article on the dangers of whey?

Let me know in the comments below or connect with me on Instagram & Twitter @girlgonecrunchy

Stay Fit & Fresh!


One thought on “Sunwarrior Fit Babes!

  1. My favorite vegan protein powders are Orgain, Champion Naturals and Plantfusion! I’ve unfortunately had bad experiences with RAW protein powder because I thought it was super gritty! I might try it again in a shake or in baking just to see if it’ll work out better.

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