Skout! Skout! {let it all out}

If you didn’t sing that title in your head, we can’t be friends 😉 

And just to clarify, NO, it’s not a typo, it’s supposed to say Skout!

Today, we’re talking about Skout Organic Snacks. They’re an Oregon based company  dedicated to healthy, all natural foods that will nourish the trail blazer in all of us. 

Skout makes a range of date and nut based “trail bars” and raw pumpkin seed “trailpaks,” crafted with only the finest ingredients.   

Let’s start with the bars: they aren’t crumbly and dense like Lara Bars…the addition of gluten free oats gives the trailbars a wonderful chewy texture, unlike any other “health bar” I’ve tasted. 

These bars are made only with fruits, nuts, and spices/flavors (vanilla extract, lemon peel, cinnamon etc…), so what you see is what you get. The flavors are straight forward and to the point.

Skout TrailBars come in Apple Cinnamon, Blueberry Almond, Chocolate Coconut, Cherry Vanilla, and Chocolate Peanut Butter. 

Although I thoroughly enjoyed them all, my top two were, no contest, Apple Cinnamon and Cherry Vanilla. 


These trailpaks are personal sized, portable packages of raw, organic pumpkin seeds. 

I am a BIG FAN of pumpkin seeds, so I enjoyed the pacific sea salt flavor. If you don’t care much for pumpkin seeds, go ahead and skip those…

But, everyone needs to try the black pepper bbq trailpak! They have the perfect balance of sweet and spice, and they provide that amazing “crunch,” that you would crave from a snack. I was, honestly, sad when I got to the bottom of the bag. 

You can buy Skout Organic snacks at select retailers or on their website: 

Have you ever tried Skout?

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Stay Crunchy!!!!!!!

*I was given these products in exchange from my honest opinion. I was not monetarily compensated, or under any obligation to provide a specific opinion*


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