MilkBoy: Calling All Chocoholics

Those that know me know that I am enthralled with many things, two of them being: chocolate and European culture. 

These two things have come together in the most beautiful way imaginable: MilkBoy chocolate. 

MilkBoy chocolate is completely Swiss-Made, which means NO GMOs…Hurray!!!! It also means that the milk used comes from the famed grazing Alpine cows of folklore. 

MilkBoy uses ethical, sustainable harvesting for their cacao beans, and only uses the highest quality ingredients available. 

This results in a chocolate experience unlike any other.

PLEASE, pay close attention as you read this….MilkBoy is, quite possibly, the best chocolate I have ever eaten. The texture is creamy and luxurious, while still mantaining a great snap. The flavor is rich, bold, and sweet, with subtle coffee undertones. 

Each flavor is unique and scrumptious in its own lovely way. 

And can we all agree the packaging is to die for?  

MilkBoy comes in 6 flavors: Finest Swiss Alpine Milk Chocolate,  Finest Swiss Alpine Milk with Crunchy Caramel and Sea Salt, Finest Swiss White Chocolate with Bourban Vanilla, Finest Swiss Chocolate Extra Dark, Finest Swiss Alpine Milk Chocolate with Refreshing Lemon and Ginger, and Finest Swiss Dark Chocolate with Pine Tree Essential Oil. 

I have to be honest, I couldn’t eat more than a bite of the pine flavor…maybe it’s because of my pine allergy, but I found the flavor of pine in my mouth to be utterly repulsive. 

I don’t even feel bad saying that, because my DEEP LOVE for the other 5 flavors is so expansive! I could have eaten all 5 bars by myself, but I begrudgingly shared them with my Mother, who is now MilkBoy obsessed. She’s begging me to buy her some for Mother’s Day. 

Her favorite flavor was Crunchy Caramel and Sea Salt, and my favorite was Refreshing Lemon and Ginger. The White Chocolate with Bourban Vanilla is a close second for me. Luckily, Mom doesn’t like white chocolate, so I got that bar all to myself 😉 

To be forthcoming, MilkBoy does contain “sugar.” It is not something I would advocate eating on a regular basis, but I feel far more comfortable with NON-GMO, European sugar, than GMO Beet Sugar or GMO Corn Syrup. 

And LOOK!!!!! I got my very own MilkBoy cow  

Isn’t she fabulous? Her name is Brigitta, and she lights up! 

More Beautiful Chocolate Photos

If you’re a chocolate lover, or even an occasional chocolate eater, you NEED MilkBoy in your life…no questions asked!

Go to to buy GirlGoneCrunchy’s favorite chocolate treat!

-Mattie TheGirlGoneCrunchy
*I was given these products in exchange for my honest opinion. I was not monetarily compensated or required to give a positive review*


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