Delightfully Nutty with Madlen’s Delight

Am I the only one who has a mild obsession with candied nuts? My Mom makes them every Christmas and puts them in our stockings! Last year, she put them in my slippers on Der Nikolaustag (St. Nicholas Day). That was fun 🙂 Alas, my mother’s candied nuts, while delicious, are made with regular sugar. They’re great as a treat, but not something to keep as a pantry staple. 

So, does this mean I’ve given up candied nuts? NO! Because I don’t have to. I’ve got Madlen’s Delight. Madlen’s Delight candied nuts and seeds are completely handmade, 100% vegan, gluten free, low glycemic, organic, and NON-GMO.  Madlen’s Delight Inc is located in Southern California. All products are baked in small batches and made using only the highest quality ingredients. The “candies” are sweetened only with coconut sugar and brown rice syrup. 

Madlen’s Delight Inc is owned by a mother and daughter duo: Madlen and Soseh. They’re both completely adorable and very sweet. I got in contact with Soseh & I felt a kinship!!!!! We decided to work together, and she sent me some absolutely delicious treats! 

Take a Look: 

(Did you notice the beautiful card the ladies sent me?)

Madlen’s Delight treats come in several varieties:

Almond Crunch, Cashew Crunch, Pepita Crunch, Sesame Crunch, Sunflower Crunch, and Mixed Crunch. 

My favorites are pepita crunch and almond crunch, but I could snack on any of these ALL DAY LONG! 

The natural sweeteners in Madlen’s Delight crunches give an added warmth and richness with ZERO odd aftertaste. The sweetness is very present, but subtle enough to allow the flavors of the nuts/seeds to shine. The texture is excellent. They have a great snap, but they won’t chip any teeth 😉 

Madlen’s Delight products can be eaten alone, on yogurt or oatmeal, in a trail mix, or in a lovely salad like this one: 

The possibilities are endless with Madlen’s Delight! Hop over to their website: and try them for yourselves! Be sure to follow them on Instagram: @MadlensDelight

What are your favorite ways to use candied nuts? Have you tried Madlen’s Delight? Comment below or connect with me on Instagram & Twitter @GirlGoneCrunchy

Stay Nutty!!!! 


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