It’s Not Me, DEAR, It’s PUR.

So, you’ve kicked diet soda? CONGRATS! You’ve given up sugar free candies and desserts? FANTASTIC! But, wait, you’re STILL eating Altoids and Ice Breakers? Put down the tin and back away slowly. 

The same artificial sweeteners in diet sodas, cookies, and candies are in your mints! I appreciate fresh breath as much as anyone, but cancer? ulcers? migraines? lesions in major organs? Not worth it. Can you just picture it? I’m laying in bed, sick as a dog, but at least the doctors will be impressed with my minty fresh breath. 

Hmm…I don’t quite like that scenario. 

How about another?

I’m #chattingitup with a modern day Gene Nelson (random, I know, but I’m currently watching 1953’s “She’s Working Her Way Through College”) and he compliments me on my lovely breath. I smile, wink, and say “It’s not me, dear, it’s PUR.” 

Wow…that was some serious artistic genius being expressed right there. PUR peeps, get on this! Can anyone say “commercial?” 😉

All kidding aside, PUR is majorly responsible for my unoffending breath. They make a natural line of aspartame free gums, and just released a series of mints. Take a look!!!!

PUR mints provide a long lasting, crisp, clean flavor and aroma, with no artificial aftertaste. My favorite mint, for breath purposes, is polar mint. It’s reminiscent of “Polar Ice” gum by Extra. The tangerine tango is my favorite, taste wise, because it is quite comparable to candy. They’re a non-sour version of “Tangerine Sours” by Altoids. (Don’t lie, anyone who had Tangerine Sours in elementary school was your best friend for the day). In all honesty, every PUR variety is truly delectable in its own unique way. 

Here are some great stats, for you. PUR products are NON-GMO, gluten free, safe for those with peanut/tree nut allergies, diabetic friendly, completely vegan, and sweetened naturally with xylitol from NON-GMO European corn. They’re also completely Swiss made. You see, that’s the real selling point right there. Have you ever heard of an untrustworthy person from Switzerland? I sure haven’t…and I watch Rick Steves, so I KNOW what I’m talking about 😉 Oh, dang, I guess I didn’t put all of my kidding aside. Sorry, guys! 

Anywho, PUR gum and mints are sold nationwide and online at Do yourself a favor and order some! You won’t regret it!

Have you tried PUR? Are you still trying to kick your aspartame habit? 

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Stay Minty Fresh my little Crunchies!!!!!

If you’re one of the few who reads these all the way to the bottom, comment below “Gene Nelson, you’re wonderful with a trampoline.”


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