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*Let’s talk about grains! You either love them or hate them. Paleo folks call them the devil, while vegans say, “Carb the heck up.” Well…grains and I have an off/on relationship. Stay Tuned, and I’ll tell you all about it.

grainz 1

grainz 2

So, where do I fall on the grain issue? I’d say smack dab in the middle. Paleo followers proudly declare that grains contain lectins and phytic acid compounds that can be detrimental to one’s health. They claim these two components of grains make the minerals and vitamins bio-unavailable and contribute to a decrease in positive gut flora! Guess what? They’re correct. Grains can do all this and more. I know what you’re thinking, “Where’s the love in this love/hate relationship?” Well, just hold your horses, I’m getting there. Yes, the paleo people ARE correct about the dangers of grains, but they always seem to forget that the health issues associated with heavy grain consumption can be fixed with one simple step: sprouting.

Sprouting? What the what? Yes, sprouting. Sprouting removes the outer layer of antinutrients (phytic acid) and lectin, thus, removing its dangers. Sprouting also makes the fiber, vitamins, and minerals more accessible, and lowers the grain’s glycemic index.

“So, how do you sprout?” Wow! What a great question 😉 Sprouting typically consists of cleaning a grain, rinsing, soaking, sifting, and rinsing (again) until the grains begin to sprout. Typically this process takes several days, which, for me, is a bit long. In the future, I plan on sprouting my own grains, but for now, I’m going for CONVENIENCE. Do you know the most convenient place to purchase spouted grains, sprouted grain flours, and various other sprouted grain products? Why, it’s, of course, home of To Your Health: Sprouted Flour Co.

The lovely souls at To Your Health were kind enough to send me this awesome assortment of goodies:

sprouted flllllours

My Dad & I devoured the sprouted granola in almost one sitting. 3 Words: A-DDiC-TING. The sprouted grains, nuts, and seeds added an extra toasted flavor element to the granola, and it was paired with just the right amount of sweetness.

Sprouted flours have been a Godsend to my healthy baking ventures. Some people claim that sprouted flours are difficult to work with, but I find that they give baked goods a nice structure and a great spring. I mean, look at these gorgeous treats:

Chai Tea Latte Muffins made with Sprouted Brown Rice Flour

chai muffin 1

chai muffin 2

Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies using Sprouted Brown Rice Flour

double choc 1

double choc 2

Sprouted Oat Flour Pancakes

MM iPhone 4-30-15 370

And my crowning glory…Sprouted Oat Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies:

ccc 3

ccc 2

ccc 1

The possibilities are endless with the To Your Health Sprouted Flour Company. They offer 24 varieties of sprouted flours, 25 types of sprouted grains, and 6 different sprouted grain snacks. You’ll never be bored exploring your creativity through food, especially when you have access to

Do you sprout your grains? Do you bake with them? Do you even eat grains? Let me know in the comment section below or connect with me on Instagram/Twitter @girlgonecrunchy

Much Love My Little Crunchies 😉


4 thoughts on “To Your Health

    1. I ALWAYS sprout my oats, and here’s a sure fire way to make sure all of those anti nutrients are good & gone 🙂 At least four hours before you plan on eating your oats (preferably the night before), place 1 cup of rolled or steel cut oats, 1 cup of water, and 3 tablespoons of an acidic medium (lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, or Greek yogurt) into a bowl. Let sit for at least 4hrs. When they’ve finished soaking, place your oats in a sieve or colander and rinse them off (like you would pasta). Once thoroughly rinsed, add your oats PLUS one cup of water into a bowl & boil as you would any other oats 🙂

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