The Tale of One Degree Organics

Once Upon A Time, in a mystical northern kingdom, lived a young queen who longed, not for beauty, but for health and vitality. Hoping to gain the knowledge of her land’s ancient peoples, she searched far and wide for a magic mirror. The mirror contained all the wisdom of the old world, and could answer any question. When she finally stumbled upon it, she brought it into her dining quarters, and spoke with it before every meal, but one fateful night, while up for a midnight snack, she decided to ask a question that had recently began to plague her….

*Mirror Mirror on the wall, what is the sneakiest food of all? Could it be condiments, granola or chips?

*Neither those nor yogurt or dips…

*Well, then it could be nothing but soda or candy!

*Except for a breakfast that isn’t so dandy….

*Oh I’ve got it! It’s donuts, right?

*Sheesh. You’ll never get it. It’s cereal…..Goodnight!!!!!

After speaking with the mirror, the Queen decided to do some research of her own. She discovered conventional cereals, even those labeled as, “healthy, natural, or fiber packed,” were filled with GMO grains, cheap oils, chemical preservatives, and several teaspoons of REFINED SUGAR. Some “all natural” cereals had the same amount of added sugar as candy bars.

The Queen, shocked by this realization, made a decree that all cereal was to be banned from her kingdom. People were devastated at the loss of their beloved breakfast staple. There were riots in the streets, and quite a few attempts at the Queen’s life, I must add.

Alas, the Queen was a stubborn woman, and simply could not bare the thought of her subjects being tricked by SNEAKY FOOD!

She held her ground for as long as she could, but the people were relentless. When she simply could not take it anymore, she knew what she had to do. Consult the Magic Mirror.

*Mirror Mirror on the wall, can we have any cereal…at all?

*Of course, my Queen, no need to fear….One Degree Organics is here

*One Degree Organics? Sounds questionable, at best

*Ask me a question, they’ll pass any test.

*What makes this cereal sweet to the taste?

*Coconut Sugar, now isn’t that great?

*What about the grains that are hard on my tummy?

*These grains are sprouted and especially yummy.

*Are the oils they GMO, old, or cheap?

*Sunflower Oil! Isn’t that neat?

*What about other ingredients? I’m sure there are many…

*Try 7 or less. That’s hardly any.

*Surely there’s something that’s wrong with this brand.

*I’d cross my heart…if I had a hand.

*I bet they only come in a flavor or two

*How about six? Now, that’s more than a few.

*These really sound great. I’m almost convinced. But elaborate on flavors, give me a list!

*Brown Rice Crisps are a great one to try, they’re good with lots of milk, but they’re even great dry!

Ancient Grain O’s are nutty and sweet, they’re made up of brown rice and Khorasan wheat!

Ancient Maize Flakes are like corn flakes, you see, but they’re NONGMO and organic, yippee!

Ancient Grain Flakes are similar to Maize, but its of Khorasan and Rice, not corn, that they’re made

Khorasan Honey O’s beat the competitors hands down, they’re crunchy and tasty and great all around

Brown Rice Cacao Crisps are a rich, chocolatey treat, who says coconut sugar can’t be extra sweet?

*These delicious cereals still sound too good to be true…

*How much more talking must I do?

*I just have a hard time trusting cereal, as of late

*Just try for yourself. You’ll realize it’s great.

The Queen went to the local market and picked up all six flavors of cereal that the Mirror had described. She tasted each one. With one bite, she was hooked. Overjoyed with her discovery of a truly nutritious cereal, she happily gave One Degree Organics products to all of her subjects. They were wary, as she was, but the taste won them over. The rioting ceased, and the Kingdom was now happy AND healthy, all because of a magic mirror and a new type of cereal.

And they all lived,


I hope you all enjoyed that little twist on a product review! This probably won’t be a regular occurrence (unless you’d like it to be), but I was feeling a bit creative and quirky today. I realize this entire article was completely cheesy, but if I can’t be cheesy with you guys, who can I be cheesy with?


One Degree Organics cereals really are something to write fairy tales about. They’re delicious, have a great texture, and all of the ingredients are Girl Gone Crunchy approved! I’ve yet to find a cleaner cereal, and doubt I ever will. I’m planning a large repurchase soon, so I can stock up.

Thank you so much to Sondra and the rest of the One Degree Organics crew for setting me up with all of these wonderful products! You guys are the best.

Go to to find out where YOU can find One Degree Organics in your very own neighborhoods! Follow them on Instagram @onedegreeorganics for recipe ideas, a behind the scenes look at the ODO crew, and to keep up to date on the newest products.

So, what are you waiting for? Try the dang cereal…Queen’s Orders 😉

As always, keep up with me on Instagram & Twitter @GirlGoneCrunchy, and comment below with questions, concerns, or plain old observations!

Much Love My Little Crunchies!!!!


2 thoughts on “The Tale of One Degree Organics

  1. I totally enjoyed that fairy tale!! I cannot believe that there is finally a cereal that is totally healthy–GMO free, sprouted, various and sweetened only with coconut sugar–and one of them tastes like CHOCOLATE?!?! Well I’ll so have to try these!

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