Kooee: “Originally, ‘KOO-EE!’ was a call made by Indigenous Australians to communicate across vast distances. Today, the call of “KOO-EE!” is used by adventurers to express their awe on a breathtaking mountaintop, or reveal the wild exhilaration of running deep into the woods.”

BUT NOW, the word KOO-EE is synonymous with the words mouth-watering, protein packed, and ever so convenient.

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Yep, that’s right. KOOEE is a snack! What else could you expect from my crunchy self? An essay on the aborigines? I don’t think so. I’m sure the history of the Indigenous Australians is fascinating, but it’s not exactly what this blog is for. Right, guys? Anyway, back to the snacks 😉

KOOEE! Super Snacks make jerky trail mixes that come in perfect little travel packages. Shaun, originally from Australia, moved with his wife Nat to San Francisco, which allowed him to further his KOO-EE mission of providing athletes with healthy, responsibly sourced, delicious snacks that could be taken on the go. To enjoy, all you need to do is Rip! Peel! Mix. Rip off the safety seal, Peel open the package, and let all the components Mix. KOOEE! jerky trail mixes are 100% paleo, gluten free, soy free, and contain no added sugar. The beef used to make the jerky portion of these jerky trail mixes is completely grass fed, NON-GMO, and free from hormones/antibiotics.

Currently, KOOEE offers two flavors: Smoked Chipotle with Apple & Lime Pepper with Mango. I had the great pleasure of trying both of these flavors. Both captured the essence of the word balance. All of the ingredients and tastes combined well to create one harmonious snack that, not only, “hit all the macros” (that was for my Keto & CrossFit pals), but hit all aspects of the human taste buds. Sweet, Salty, Sour, and Umami came together for one perfect bite. Different textural experiences were present as well.


Smoked Chipotle w/ Apple                  Lime Pepper w/ Mango

Both flavors are wonderful in their own right, but my personal favorite was Smoked Chipotle with Apple. The dried apples and cacao nibs added a great sweetness to the smoky, umami flavor of the jerky. Lime Pepper with Mango was neck and neck with Smoked Chipotle with Apple, but I’m not a huge lime fan, so naturally, I liked it slightly less than the other.

I was full for hours after eating each pack. I, honestly, almost had a hard time eating the whole thing. But Alas, they were delicious, so I forced myself 😉

Now that I am living in the lush, mountainous North West, I am starting to get into hiking. There are lots of great hiking spots in, and just outside of, my new town. I’m just learning the ropes, and definitely wouldn’t call myself “a hiker,” but I definitely plan on becoming one. When it’s time for a nice long excursion, KOOEE! Super Snacks will definitely be in my backpack.

YOU can get KOOEE! Super Snacks Jerky Trail Mixes at http://www.kooeesnacks.com/shop/ and don’t forget to follow Shaun on Instagram @kooeesnacks

Have you tried KOOEE? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below or connect with me on Instagram or Twitter @girlgonecrunchy

Much Love My Little Crunchies 🙂

And as Shaun always says, “Don’t Forget to KOO-EE”


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