Shurky Jurky {REVIEW}

It’s not just jerky…it’s Shurky Jurky. “Refined for her, savored by him, adapted to you.”

Sort of a seductive tagline, eh? Especially for jerky!!! But, as you’ve probably figured out, this isn’t ordinary jerky! Shurky Jurky is made with free range meat, is 100% natural, gluten free, cooked from scratch, prepared without additives or preservatives, and is much lower in sodium than conventional jerky.

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Shurky Jurky is a Portland based company, which is pretty awesome in my book. Portland is a health hub and home to lots of great natural companies, including one that can make great tasting, healthy jerky 😉

Shurky Jurky is truly an artisanal food product. Instead of buckets of iodized salt, Shurky Jurky uses coconut aminos and anchovy paste to awaken your salty taste buds. Pineapple adds a subtle sweetness, while an array of unique spices hit up your spicy and bitter receptors. The Shurky Jurky marinade is quite well rounded, and very unique. I think some of you might be a little thrown off by the flavor, but if you just give it some time, let it sit in your mouth, and really taste it, I think you’ll be a fan. It doesn’t taste like regular jerky, but that’s why I love it! It’s a nice change of pace and a great protein packed snack.

Shurky Jurky is an authentic rip and tear jerky. It’s quite thin, with some pieces being almost translucent. I like a thinner jerky. Overly chewy, thick jerky tends to get stuck in my teeth. Others, like my father and brother, prefer a thick jerky, and didn’t enjoy Shurky Jurky as much as I did. It’s, honestly, just a matter of personal preference.

You can order Shurky Jurky online in a variety of sizes AND a variety of meats. There’s even a jerky SUBSCRIPTION!!!! *GASP* Awesome, right? Go over to their website to learn more:

Are you guys enjoying these product reviews? How do you feel about the concept of “artisanal jerky?” Does the tagline make you as uncomfortable as it makes me? Let me know in the comments below or connect with me on Instagram/Twitter @girlgonecrunchy

***DISCLAIMER: I received these products free of charge. I was not compensated monetarily. I was not coerced or expected to give a positive review. All opinions are my own***


3 thoughts on “Shurky Jurky {REVIEW}

  1. Thank you!

    THANK YOU for taking the time to objectively and transparently review our awesome #jurky!

    ♥ mattie

    We are so glad Shurky Jurky resonated with your taste buds!

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