SKIN: Multiple layers of tissue that make up the largest organ in the human body…The means by which toxic chemicals are absorbed into the blood stream EVERY DAY…The name of a Kansas City based skin and body care company dedicated to, “using natural ingredients to make luxurious, chemical free products with the least amount of environmental impact.”

Stephanie Simkins, founder of SKIN, was extremely generous! We connected on Instagram and she decided to send me four full sized products. Step inside my virtual office and I’ll tell you all about them!



Let’s start with the lip balm! You guys all know that I love a good lip balm, and this claramint lip balm is no exception. It goes on smooth, is easy to apply, and has great lasting power. The castor oil and vitamin E make this formula very healing. PLUS, it tastes like the inside of a junior mint. I let my Mom, otherwise known as “The Queen of Lip Balm,” try it, and she loved it just as much as I did.


I’ve got to tell you, I am not the biggest lotion person. I’m just not a fan of that greasy feeling that occurs after you apply lotion. I hate feeling dirty, and, for some odd reason, lotion grease makes me feel dirty…no matter how nice it smells! It’s for this reason that I am completely OBSESSED with this tropical orange hand and body cream. It’s a whipped consistency, not a liquid or butter, and it absorbs completely into my skin with no grease. All it leaves behind is smooth skin and a fresh citrusy scent.


I normally don’t use moisturizer. My skin is acne prone and can get fairly greasy, so, no matter how often I read that moisturizers are good for the skin, I never got around to purchasing one. I was always afraid that I would use a moisturizer and wake up the next day covered in blackheads!!!! I read a few rave Instagram reviews about this Daily Greens Moisturizer and had a feeling it might be a perfect fit for me. Boy, was I right! This moisturizer has a bright scent from the mango butter and grapefruit seed extract, and absorbs fully into the skin. I have noticed a significant difference in my skin’s oil balance. It’s also smoother and less inflamed. The healing properties of green tea extract and blue green algae make a world of difference.


I will never buy eye makeup remover again. This soothing cream takes off makeup like nobody’s business all while nourishing the skin around your eyes and removing symptoms of aging and sun damage. It works better than any wipes or alcohol based remover. Another great thing about this product is that a little goes a long way! The small container it comes in could last for months. Once you try this, there’s no going back!

Remember when I said earlier that Stephanie was extremely generous? She wasn’t just generous with me, she was generous with ALL OF YOU! By using the code: crunchygirl you can get 15% off your purchase of SKIN products on

***DISCLAIMER: I received these products free of charge. I was not compensated monetarily. I was not coerced or expected to give a positive review. All opinions are my own.***


2 thoughts on “SKIN {REVIEW}

  1. I love SKIN’s products!!! It’s the only brand I will use on my face for the last few years after an esthetician friend gave me some samples. Too bad I’m not on the pages required to win these!

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