King Soba {REVIEW}

Are you gluten free? Do you enjoy noodles? Are you testing your hand at Asian cooking? 

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, than have I got a post for you!

I got connected with Kim Kamlani from  Fabulous Foods UK and was given the great opportunity to review a variety of King Soba Gluten Free Asian Style Noodles.



I was sent several types of soba and two varieties of ramen!

All of the noodles are 100% wheat & gluten free, organic, and are not filled with added corn starch like a lot of gluten free noodles are. 

The taste and texture are absolutely FANTASTIC. Both of the ramens have the same texture, as do all of the sobas. The texture of the two categories are very similar, with the ramen being a thinner, slightly more flexible variant of the soba. The texture of the soba is very similar to a traditional rice noodle, but with slightly more substance. 

The noodles have two primary bases: brown rice and buckwheat.

Buckwheat gives the noodles a nutty taste, while the brown rice based noodles truly taste like brown rice. 

Some of the flavor profiles of the noodles are pumpkin-ginger, wakame, and sweet potato. Those tastes don’t come from additives or artificial flavors. They come from REAL whole food ingredients. 

The flavors added to the noodles are not strong. They’re quite subtle, actually. They don’t “add flavor,” as much as they boost the flavors of the foods you pair with them. Does that make sense, guys? I sure hope so!

I experimented with some Asian noodle recipes using King Soba. I tried my hand at a few different types of peanut sauces, used A LOT of sesame oil, fried a lot of eggs, & had a great time doing it. TIP: brown rice or buckwheat ramen with homemade herbed chicken bone broth makes for a perfect at home Top a Ramen. 

You can purchase King Soba Noodles at I would strongly reccomend checking out this company if you’re gluten free or trying to tackle traditional Asian recipes. 

Do you have a favorite gluten free pasta/noodle? Have you tried King Soba? Let me know in the comments below or connect with me on Instagram @girlgonecrunchy

***DISCLAIMER: I was not compensated monetarily. I was not paid to or expected to give a positive review. I received these products free of charge with the contingency that I review them***


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