Navitas Naturals {REVIEW}

It’s a bird….
It’s a plane….

What is a superfood exactly? Well, my good ol’ pal Oxford tells us that it’s, “a food considered especially nutritious or otherwise beneficial to health and well-being.”

Navitas Naturals specializes in these beneficial products. They sell an array of superfoods, superfood powders, and superfood snacks. Mic Lebel of “Double N,” as I’ve affectionally dubbed this company, was so kind as to send me 1 of their superfood powders and three of their superfood snacks.

Take a look:


Let’s start with the snacks!

These Superfood + Cashews with Maca were the biggest hit with my family. The raw cashews have maintained their signature snap, and the flavor of the outer counting is sweet, warm, and nutty. The taste reminds me a lot of brown rice syrup, even though brown rice syrup isn’t one of the ingredients LOL


Next, Superfood + Almonds with Cacao and Hemp. These were my personal favorite. They’re pretty much a healthier, tastier version of chocolate covered almonds. They’re salty, sweet, earthy, and robust. You, honestly, can’t even taste the hemp seeds. All the health benefits, and none of the aftertaste. That’s a big plus in my book.


Last of the snacks are these Caramel Coconut Chips. I could sit and eat these babies all day. It took all of my self discipline not to do just that, actually 😉 The rich caramel-y flavor of coconut nectar (aka coconut tree sap) pairs well with the sweet, crunchy, unadulterated coconut shreds.


The superfood powder I received from DoubleN was their traditional Cacao. Their cacao is sweet and earthy, robust, but not bitter. I had a fantastic time experimenting with this powder. I loved being able to let my creative culinary juices flow. Here are some of the ways I enjoyed using cacao:

Coconut Milk Hot Chocolate


Chocolate Oatmeal Muffins


And these beautiful gifts from God…my newly created gluten free, refined sugar free BROWNIES


Navitas Naturals produces these and many other nutritious, delicious products that you can find in stores (see their store locator) or on their website

Have you ever used any Navitas Natural’s products? Which ones? Are there any you think I should try? Let me know in the comments below or connect with me on Instagram! @GirlGoneCrunchy

*DISCLAIMER: I received these products free of charge, but was not compensated monetarily or expected to provide a positive review. All opinions are MY OWN*


One thought on “Navitas Naturals {REVIEW}

  1. Hey girlgonecrunchy! Found your post through Navitas Naturals when they retweeted it – nice review! Huge fan of the maca maple cashews but haven’t seen the Almonds with Cacao and Hemp at my local Whole Foods yet 😦

    Try making a home-made trail mix and include goji berries and mulberries – one of my favorite ways to fix a sweet tooth 🙂

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