LoveBean {Review}

January is my least favorite month. In my town, January weather is great, but that’s just about the only thing that is. The gym is compacted with people who won’t be there a few weeks from now, and, let’s be real, taking down Christmas decorations is probably the most depressing thing in the world. BUT, my least favorite part about the first month of the year is the beast that haunts most of us health nuts come January…sugar cravings!

You all know what I’m talking about. It can be rough, but these squeeze packs from Love Bean fudge hit the spot. These luscious treats satisfied my ravenous post-Christmas sweet tooth in a major way. Did I mention they’re paleo, vegan, low glycemic, 100% organic and contain no refined cane or beet sugar? Check out this rockin’ nutrition info!



LoveBean fudge was so kind as to send me two squeeze packages of their famous fudge: Original Coconut & Essentially Raw.


This stuff, honestly, tastes like less sweet brownie batter. The texture is thick, smooth, and velvety. Although they contain coconut, there is no prominent coconut taste. The cacao taste is strong and earthy, but with a slight, fruity aftertaste. LoveBean fudge is not bitter like other raw/natural fudges that I have come across.



The only difference, in my opinion, between the Original Coconut and Essentially Raw flavors, is that Essentially Raw is slightly thicker and less sweet. Other than that, the two products are nearly identical. This should bring a lot of joy to my #fullyraw or #rawtillfour friends.

LoveBean offers their superfood fudge spreads in squeeze packages AND jars, so there are lots of ways to join in on the fun. They also sell a sea salt caramel that I am absolutely dying to try 🙀 and a roasted hazelnut chocolate spread.

Another fantastic thing about LoveBean is their prices. They sell straight to the customer (via their website:!shop/clqu ) but list their products at wholesale prices.

So, what are you waiting for? Get some LoveBean SuperFood Fudge & kill the sugar cravings!

*I received these products free of charge, but was not compensated or expected to give a positive review. All opinions are 100% my own*


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