Couture’s Maple Shop and B&B {Review}

Hello my little crunchies! Have you missed me? I’ve been a neglectful blogger, haven’t I? Well, luckily for you, one of my New Year’s Resolutions is to blog at least once a week 😊 Hurray Hurray, Callooh Callay!!! (Alice in Wonderland reference)

My first blog post of 2015 is quite the exciting one. I had the opportunity to try several 100% pure maple syrup products from Couture’s Maple Shop and Bed & Breakfast in Westfield, Vermont.

Couture’s Maple Shop and B&B is run by husband and wife team Jacques and Pauline Couture, who recently celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary (Congratulations, you two πŸ˜Š ). The B&B is a lovely, family owned farmhouse nestled in the Vermont countryside. The house is situated in front of their dairy barn and sugar house. If I ever take my long awaited New England trip, *fingers crossed* Couture’s will definitely be one of my stops in Vermont.

Jacques was extremely generous in sending me a pint of maple syrup, a jar of maple cream, a canister of maple sugar, and a package of maple candies. Want to hear the best part? All four of these products only have ONE ingredient: 100% pure maple syrup.

If you’d like to learn about the surprising health benefits of maple syrup, check out my article, “Maple Syrup Confusion.”

Now, let’s get down to the review:

Maple Syrup:


Easily the best maple syrup I have ever had. It was dark, rich, and buttery, with a sweetness that wasn’t cloying, but was definitely present.

Maple Candy:

Maple Photos 1 016

Maple Photos 1 018

Couture’s Description: “Our pure maple candy is made by boiling (and concentrating) pure maple syrup to a higher level, stirring and pouring into leaf-shaped molds.”

If I had this maple candy, I could, honestly, never eat regular candy again. It has an intense buttery-maple flavor. The texture is quite dimensional. The outside is crunchy and granular, but the interior melts in your mouth and is smooth and luxurious.

Maple Sugar:

maple photos two 011

Couture’s Description: “This product is pure maple syrup with all of the moisture removed”

The texture and taste of this maple sugar is exactly halfway between table sugar and light brown sugar. It’s sweet with slight warm, caramel-y undertones. I used it to make a batch of oat flour chocolate chip cookies. They came out GREAT. It worked out perfectly, as a matter of fact, because traditional chocolate chip cookies use half brown sugar and half white sugar. Maple sugar was an ideal substitute.

Maple Cream:

maple photos two 014

Couture’s Description: “Also called maple butter or maple spread. The only ingredient is our pure maple syrup that has been boiled until it thickens. When it is cooled down,
we stir it to create a creamy texture”

Creamy. Sweet. Heavenly. The taste reminds me of an amplified, more dimensional version of the glaze on a maple bar. It was warm, nutty, and buttery, with a smooth, luxurious texture that could only be compared to velvet. I could’ve eaten this entire jar by myself, which, I’m pretty sure, I almost did.

Thanks again to Jacques for sending me these goodies. You can order these, and many more, Couture maple products at

DISCLAIMER **I received these products free of charge, but was not compensated or expected to give specific opinions or a positive review. All opinions are my own.**


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