Cocoa Bees Organics {Review}

Read this in your best arrogant newscaster voice: ** Good evening everyone, and welcome to late night musings with Mattie the Girl Gone Crunchy, where we’re featuring yet another long overdue product review. **

Cocoa Bees Organics is a Southern California skin and body care company that uses only the most natural, organic ingredients available to create lip balms, lotions, moisturizers, exfoliators…etc… that work great, smell great, and are great for you!

I had the awesome privilege of trying two of their luscious lip balms and one of their famous twist up lotion bars.

iPhone Photos Nov 3 2014 344

How cute is the packaging, am I right?!


These lip balms were some of the most smooth and nourishing that I have ever tried. That may not seem like a large compliment, but I have used a lot of lip balm in my day…and I mean A LOT. At the moment, I, literally, have over twenty different lip balms in my possession. If that doesn’t create experiential wisdom, I don’t know what does! But, in any case, these lip balms left my lips feeling smooth, healthy, and moist, but not overly greasy. These balms have great staying power, as well. I lick my lips quite often (odd habit, I suppose), so most lip balms wipe off moments after I use them. I did not have that issue with these balms.

French Vanilla: A sweet, subtle, and natural French vanilla flavor. Quite pleasant. It’s the only vanilla flavored lip balm that I have ever enjoyed using. Most are cloyingly sweet and very artificial.

Chai Tea: Flavor wise, the best lip balm I have ever used. It was, frankly, quite “trippy” how spot on this flavor was. I tasted the cinnamon and chai spices, but I also tasted the undertones of black tea, and the sweetness of milk, as well. Chai tea lattes are one of my favorite things in the world, so having the flavor on my lips constantly was a big plus for me!


This was my first experience with a lotion bar. I wasn’t sure if I would like it, but I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed using it. The lotion bar twists up and down (like a jumbo sized lip balm), and is great for portable use. It works best on slightly damp skin, but works fine on dry skin, as well. I felt a significant softness in my skin after use, but did not experience the dreaded greasy lotion skin. The grapeseed oil lotion did not have a strong smell. It was slightly sweet, similar to the smell of cocoa butter.

One product I didn’t try, but have heard wonderful things about, is the Cocoa Bees Organics coffee lotion bar with whole coffee beans. I may have to go order myself one of those and report back to you all.

Cocoa Bees Organics makes many more wonderful, natural products that can be found on their website:

To keep up with the owners and to get the latest news on upcoming sales, promotions, and products, follow them on Instagram @cocoabeeorganics

Have you tried any of their products? Which ones? What were your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below!

DISCLAIMER: ** I received these products free of charge, but was not expected or compensated to give a positive review. All opinions are my own **


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