Leaf & Love {Review}

Let’s talk lemonade….Leaf & Love Lemonade.

Leaf & Love was started by two Southern California moms with a mission:
to make a naturally delicious drink that would be loved by kids and adults, alike….and could be enjoyed by those with diabetes!

Leaf & Love Lemonade is USDA organic, sweetened with stevia, has zero grams of carbohydrates, and a mere five calories per serving. They use only the finest ingredients, which means no sugar, no artificial colors or flavors, and NO chemicals.

PLUS: they come in the most adorable packages. Check it out:


I had the privilege of reviewing this guilt free drink! Thanks to the Leaf & Love Company for your willingness and generosity. Shoutout to Julie for setting this all up for me.

As is expected, since it contains nothing artificial, this lemonade did not have the heavy artificial taste that the conventional variety does…and THANKFULLY, it didn’t have the watered down flavor that other natural lemonades have.

It was vibrant and refreshing with a strong, lemon taste. It had a fantastic balance of tart and sweet, but with no bitter, stevia aftertaste.

Everyone that I had sip off of my lemonade, LOVED it. I run the children’s ministry at my church, and am thinking of ordering some for the kids to drink in Sunday School. I know that even the pickiest of little ones will enjoy it, and the parents will be happy that I’m not sending their kids home amped up on sugar and yellow dye # 2!

As of right now, Leaf & Love is only available to purchase through Amazon. But head on over to leafandlove.com to read their full story, get answers to FAQs, learn about the benefits of stevia, get nutrition information, and discover the AMAZING charity they donate to: Insulin For Life (insulinforlife.com), which gives insulin and diabetes supplies to children in underdeveloped countries.

So what are you waiting for…order some for yourself!

Have you tried Leaf & Love? What did you think? Has diabetes affected your life in anyway? Let me know in the comments below or connect with me on Instagram @girgonecrunchy

**DISCLAIMER: I received this lemonade free of charge for the purpose of reviewing it, but was not compensated monetarily or asked to give a specific opinion. These opinions are my own.**


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