Maple {Review}

Did you know that when you tap a maple tree, maple syrup does NOT come out? *gasp* Crazy, I know, but something just as magical comes out…Maple Water! Maple water, what maple syrup is made from, is a refreshing, hydrating drink that, not only, tastes great, but is filled with essential vitamins and minerals.

Thanks so much to the lovely people at Maple, one of the first maple water companies, who were kind enough to send me some of their product.


Maple water is a great source of manganese and natural electrolytes and possesses all of the anti-cancer, blood sugar balancing properties that maple syrup does.

This may sound crazy, and maybe it was in my head (very plausible, knowing me), but I felt immediately energized and rejuvenated while drinking Maple. It was wonderfully refreshing.

I know what you’re all wondering…what does it taste like?!

Well, initially, it just tastes like water. At the end of it, though, you get a rich, slightly earthy sweetness from the maple. The aftertaste almost reminded of coffee. It was quite enjoyable at room temperature.

Some people say that maple water is the new coconut water, and I say, thank goodness!!!! It’s about time coconut water got kicked off of her high horse. People are coconut water crazy, and I’ve never gotten hype.

I don’t believe the taste of Maple is for everyone. My mom wasn’t a huge fan. I think, just like coconut water (maple water’s arch nemesis…DUH!), some people may not be fans of the flavor. For some, it may be an acquired taste, but I thoroughly enjoyed it, and believe a lot of people will, as well.

If you’re interested in buying Maple or finding out more about the product go to or follow them on Instagram @drinkmaple

Have you had Maple? Have you had any sort of maple water? Were you a fan? Let me know in the comments below or connect with me on Instagram @girlgonecrunchy


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