Chic-a-peas {REVIEW}

It’s review time!!! Today’s company is *drum roll please* CHIC-A-PEAS! Do I mean “chickpeas?” NO! I definitely mean “Chic-a-peas”

Chic-a-peas are a baked chickpea snack that will have your body and your tastebuds thanking you. Chic-a-peas are made with only the finest, natural ingredients. Their sea salt flavor consists of chickpeas and sea salt, and their falafel flavor consists only of chickpeas and a medley of spices. I have but two questions to ask you: 1. How simple and healthy is that? And 2. How bad can that be?

David Levi, cofounder of Chic-a-peas, was so kind as to send me samples of both of their flavors. I’ll start off with describing the baked chickpeas, in general, then I’ll break down the flavor profile.





The quality of the chickpeas used by the Chic-a-peas company was what, in my opinion, set them a part. The texture didn’t leave you searching for water…or a toothpick, for that matter. They were crunchy, but they didn’t acheive “jawbreaker status,” thankfully!!!. Initially, they have the texture of a corn nut, but they break down quite well in your mouth. The flavor of the chickpeas, is strong and vibrant, but it is isn’t overpowering. Another thing I appreciated was that the bag of Chic-a-peas consisted of more whole chickpeas than crumbs. This was not the case for most baked chickpeas I have had in the past.

The sea salt variety leaves room for the taste of the chickpeas to shine through without being bland. The course salt adds a nice textural element as well. They’re pleasantly simple.

The falafel variety is a hodge-podge of Indian, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern spices. Each spice interacts well with the others, without clashing or dominating. Initially, you taste the garlic and onion, but the rest of the spices come soon after. This flavor has a great warmth and smokiness, with an ever so light spice.

Chic-a-peas are a tasty, on the go snack that you can feel happy about eating. Chickpeas are a great source of plant based protein, and they’re high in fiber. They’re also a great source of copper, folate, and manganese. Studies have shown that regular consumption of chickpeas and other legumes leads to decreased risks of high blood sugar, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol, and the removal of symptoms associated with these issues.

I, honestly, can’t think of anything negative to say about these! So, what are you waiting for? Go get yourself some Chic-a-peas today! Head over to their website and click on “store locator” to find Chic-a-peas near you.

Have you tried Chic-a-peas? What did you think? How do you they compare to baked chickpeas you’ve had in the past? Comment below and let me know, or connect with me on Instagram @girlgonecrunchy

**Disclaimer: I was given these free of charge, but was not compensated monetarily. I was not paid to, or expected to, give a positive review. These are strictly my opinions**


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