TANF Foundation {REVIEW}

A while back, I received a sampler package from the The All Natural Face, an East Coast based vegan, 100% natural makeup company. The package included small samples of every foundation shade they offer. Porcelain Goddess, TANF’s lightest shade, was my perfect match.

When I poured the foundation into my lid, it looked questionable. It didn’t have the congealing properties of regular powders. It was more dispersed, and not as shiny. I was worried, to say the least.

I applied the foundation to a clean face, and was astounded by the results. It was light and airy, but provided complete coverage. It blended well, and it, truly, looked as if I weren’t wearing foundation.

I put on the powder around six o clock, this morning. It’s now 7:00, and the coverage hasn’t caked, peeled, or faded.

This is not only the best natural foundation I’ve ever used, but the best foundation I’ve ever used. I’m really pleased with the ingredients TANF uses, and their products are surprisingly affordable, more affordable than conventional products, actually.

The All Natural Face has one store (in Massachusetts, I believe), but is available primarily online. I will soon be purchasing a full size Porcelain Goddess powder, and hope to try their other products, as well.

TANF gets the Girl Gone Crunchy seal of approval 🙂


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