Find Your Rhythm

I’m a sleep wimp. As a child, I never slept, but now I need at last 8-10 hours! Making up for lost time, I guess hahaha. I often find myself falling asleep on the couch before nine. I usually wake up no later than 7:15. I have always made myself stay up late and tried to make myself sleep in. I recently realized just how ludacris this really is. Why am I forcing my body into a schedule that it’s not suited for? I mean, that’s just ASKING for trouble! If you do well going to bed late and waking up late (and it fits with your work schedule hahah) then do that! If you only need five hours of sleep, get five hours of sleep. Sometimes you don’t have the luxury of living out your “optimum sleep schedule.” That’s okay. Obviously your family and job are more important than your two extra hours of sleep, but when life allows, SLEEP WELL. Alison Sweeney, star of my favorite show, “Days of Our Lives,” (don’t judge) cites the three important aspects of health as food, exercise, and sleep. Sleep is more important than we give it credit for. So what are you waiting for? Put on your jammies and get snuggled in your covers. It’s bedtime!!!!


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