Be Creative

I’ve been known to say that I have the mind of an artist, but no hands to follow it out. Or maybe it’s more like the mind of an artist and the hands of Captain Hook? Either way, I’ve never been one to draw or paint. In fact, when I was in the fifth grade and we had to draw/paint a poinsettia, mine was “so bad” that my teacher threw it in the garbage and asked me if she thought my parents would really want it. If you’re reading this, you know you who you are…and not cool! It was such a negative experience that I never tried anything artistic again. A few months ago, my tattoo artist friend came to visit. She’s not only a tattoo artist, but a phenomenal drawer and painter. After some coaxing, I agreed to do some water color work with her. My painting wasn’t perfect, but it was abstract, and I made it, and I enjoyed doing it. It was, really, the first positive art experience I’d ever had. A few weeks ago, I was messing around on the notes from my philosophy class, and I ended up with abstract, mosaic type drawings that I was really proud of. These past few days, I’ve been trying to add in some mixed media and pop out a few more abstracts. I’ve been having an amazing time. This artist that’s been banging on the walls of my brain…and my heart, is finally able to come out in a visual form. I encourage you to find something creative that you love doing and JUST DO IT! Photography, dance, poetry, drawing, painting, graphic design…just unleash your creativity. You won’t be sorry.


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