All About That Bass

Have you all heard the hit song, “All about the Bass?” If you haven’t, you need to look up. Just prepare to have it stuck in your head for weeks on it. This doo-wop meets rap song is an ode to the beauty of women of all shapes and sizes. “Every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top.” 🙂 The song is catchy, and the message is great. The thing I really love about it, though, is that the singer, Meghan Trainor isn’t obese. She’s not skinny, but she isn’t fat, by any means.Why is that so important? Because in Hollywood, women either have to be stick skinny…the typical “celeb body,” or be obese enough enough to be the “token fat girl.” They’re either a 2 or a 22. There is no in between, unless, of course, your black. Before you call me a racist, hear me out. I love people of all ethnicities. I’m so far from being a racist, it isn’t even funny. Something I’ve noticed, though, is that, for some reason, in Hollywood, African American girls can be curvey, but not white women. There is a huge double standard. I’m not sure why that is, but it’s true. And to all of you who think this song is “skinny shaming,” *sigh* do not bother commenting about it to me or posting it on my page, because, honestly, I have absolutely nothing to say to you about that, except for the fact that’s it’s ridiculous. I digress…It was nice to see a normal sized, white girl singing a song about having a healthy body image. So props to you, Meg. Keep up the good work!


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