Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead 2

I went to see FSND2 last night…and I LOVED it. It was informative, but didn’t shove anything down your throat. It spread a message of healthy eating, but promoted balance.

The entire premise of the film was, essentially, making your diet more plant based, and getting several servings of fruits and vegetables a day. Joe Cross is a juice guy. He owns the Reboot Corporation, which promotes juicing “reboots,” but he clearly states throughout the film that juicing is not for everybody. The film brings the message that eating fruits and vegetables raw or cooked, juicing, or blending are all great ways to get nutrients into your body.

A segment that I found quite interesting, and that was weaved throughout the film, is the psychology of food. In our minds, we make “good and bad foods.” We call eating a non-healthy food “cheating.” For some odd reason, we have associated morality with our food choices.

Joe Cross stated in the film that “Foods aren’t good or bad. There’s nothing immoral or moral about them. Some foods are just healthier than others.” This statement really struck me. Joe went on to say, multiple times, actually, that we should not feel guilty or ashamed for eating processed foods. He went so far as to say that eating McDonald’s twice a month isn’t going to kill you. *GASP?!?!?!* As long as you’re active, and get the majority of your colors from healthy, non processed foods, you’re going to be fine.

This film stressed putting the good things in. I feel that all too often, we only focus on taking the bad things out. Putting nutrients in, is just as important, if not more important, than taking the bad things out.

If you get a chance to see Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead 2…TAKE IT! It’s a well-made film that promotes balance, healthy eating, and LOTS of fruits and vegetables.

Did you see FSND2? How about FSND? What did you think? Do you consider yourself a balanced eater? Comment Below or Connect with Me on Instagram @girlgonecrunchy


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