10 Things That Make Me Happy

My pal @cecigetsfit2014 requested that I do this tag on Instagram, and I decided it would be better suited for my blog. Anyone that wants to participate is more than welcome. If you decide to do it on Instagram, tag me @girlgonecrunchy. If you write it on your blog, send me a link to the post: mattiethegirlgonecrunchy@yahoo.com Let’s spread the happiness!!!!

Here goes nothing, 10 (of the MANY) Things that Make me Happy:

1. JESUS CHRIST: He truly does make me happy. I’m overwhelmed when I think of all the amazing blessings in my life. I am so thankful that He died for me, and by His LOVE, I am made righteous. I fail daily, and sometimes He is not my focus as much as He deserves to be, but He remains faithful. His LOVE never ceases to amaze me.

2. MY FAMILY: I am extremely close to my family, and have no idea where I would be without them. Even in my darkest hours, they’ve never deserted me. I know that I can count on them without reservations.

3. DISNEY: If you have ever read my blog prior to this post, you know that I’m a huge Disney Nerd. I see a magic in Disney that no other production can ever compare to. Disney has brought joy to children and adults alike for nearly a century. Ask me anything about Disney, I’ll probably know the answer. “How many minutes is Aurora in the film ‘Sleeping Beauty?'” “18” “What Disney movie has the most songs?” “Alice in Wonderland.” “Who did the concept art for Saludos Amigos?” “EASY…my favorite artist, Mary Blair.” I could go on about this for pages, so I’ll stop here! hahaha 😉 I could also go on about why I obsessively love television and movies in general, but that’s for another time…

4. BAKING: There’s just something special about creating an item with your own hands and being able to not only enjoy it yourself, but share it with others. As a child, my mom always encouraged the “little baker” in me.

5. CLASSICAL MUSIC: It never ceases to calm me down. It’s completely soothing. Someone once told me that this is because classical music mimics the sounds of nature. It’s as if every symphony is a beautiful worship song declaring the glory of God’s creation. And don’t even get me started on the cello…

6. TEA: There’s just nothing quite like a warm cup of tea…(with raw honey, am I right???) OR a refreshing glass of iced tea. My grandparents drink iced tea morning, noon, & night. I guess you could say it’s in my blood.

7. BLANKETS: I’m not talking about warm blankets…just, blankets. Not for warmth, but comfort. I find them peaceful and relaxing. As long as it isn’t overly hot in my house, you’ll find me curled up on the couch wearing a blanket. The feeling of being enwrapped in soft fabric makes me feel so safe and protected. My blanket of choice will always be a quilt, but lately I’ve been loving my sherpa.

8. OVERCAST DAYS: This might seem like an odd one, but my favorite weather is in the fifties and overcast. Not rainy or snowy, just grey and cold. To people with seasonal mood disorder, this weather might not be very pleasing…at all, but to me, it’s perfect. San Francisco in the summer is my heaven!

9. ZUMBA: This is something I’ve come to thoroughly enjoy, as of late. I love the music my teachers play, and the general Zumba atmosphere. It’s BY FAR my favorite form of exercise. An hour flies by when I’m dancing to my heart’s content.

10. BEING HEALTHY: Something that makes me very happy is FEELING GREAT! I love that I’m not sluggish and bloated all the time. I love that I have energy to spare. I love that I’m decreasing my chances of major illnesses and disorders. I’m just happy to be healthy!

Those are 10 things that make me happy! Let me know if we have any in common. Comment below or hit me up on Instagram. #letsspreadhappiness


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